California Style Rebel

By Grace Bernal

This week the holiday season is looking very rebellious with the biker jacket making a big comeback. It looks nifty whether dressed down as casually or dressed up in chic. There’s some authenticity with fashion this week but let us remember fashion is just a craze and therefore it seldom gets too official. Fashion is what happens. It is not an edict. Thank goodness for these little blessings! The truth is the biker jacket is a leader over sweaters, blazers, and sports jackets and the statement is looking very sharp. There are no queries about it: the leather piece is charming, too, because people are selecting to wear it in various colors like red, pink, blue, and of course classic black. Fads are an echo of the past, which come and go through time. Just like the world is in a different place today than it was in the 1930s, making some things better, some a bit more frightening. At this moment the hard bitten sentiment of apparel is a reaction to the incidents that are happening on this earth and in our cities such as the recent massacre of San Bernardino. Its looking tough out there but with a connotation of elegance. Stay tough and chic looking, my people. Until next week be safe.
“Everyone should have a great leather jacket in their wardrobe. It is perfect to wear with a T-shirt and jeans and great pair of high tops.”
-Brad Goreski

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