Coating And Scarving

By Grace Bernal

I suppose its November and we are getting ready to gobble gobble once again. Let’s just say I can’t get over how autumn is untouchable in San Bernardino County and the weather has been very windy too. It’s looking very fashionable and the people are surviving the nice cool weather wearing scarves and coats. The scarves are looking foxy and no one is going to go wrong wearing one. Also coats are coming in style. To begin with I am seeing double coats to stand off the winds and people are wearing coats over leather jackets, along with vintage coats with all sorts of patches. Some coats are looking rather historic, like the cool coats of the 1950s, and some people pulled out what supposedly has become politically incorrect – the furry furs. But, the warmest and most attractive coat thus far is the military style tailored coat. It looks sharp, tailored, and elegant. Of course some women are wearing belts with their loose coats, and it’s a great way to trap the heat. Another neat thing about the warm coats are the metallic colors the coats are coming in. It’s looking great and extreme with all the imagination being brought out by the people of fashion. Enjoy the fashion autumn has to offer and keep warm in your coats and scarves.

“I love Fall Fashion Week because it means lots of layering, long sweaters and vintage coats.” ~Rachel Zoe

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