Upland Mayor Provides Response To Proponents Of The Recall Effort Targeting Him

Upland Mayor Ray Musser, who is being targeted in a recall attempt, has submitted his response to the recall proponents. That response is verbiage that must be included with the recall petition those proponents are to circulate in an effort to get the city’s registered voters to endorse the petition. Proponents must obtain the signatures of fifteen percent of the city’s registered voters to qualify the recall question against Musser for the ballot.
The California Elections Code requires that recall proponents give an elected officials whose removal from office is sought the opportunity to defend himself in writing as part of the recall petition being circulated.
Recall leader Hal Tanner has suggested that Musser was too closely associated with his predecessor as mayor, John Pomierski, who left that position in disgrace in 2011, just prior to his being indicted by a federal grand jury. Pomierski ultimately pled guilty to political corruption charges.
Musser, who was first elected to the Upland City council in 1998, two years before Pomierski was elected mayor, subsequently emerged as Pomierski’s primary political rival, having unsuccessfully opposed Pomierski for reelection in 2004 and 2008. In his response to the recall proponents, Musser offered this 195 word rebuttal:
“I have
proudly served the City of Upland with honor, ethics and commitment since 1998. I was not a supporter of the prior Mayor and did not attend his fundraisers.
A few of my accomplishments:
1. Restored $7.5 million from the County/Colonies Lawsuit;
2. Reduced city staff by 25%;
3. Employees are now paying their own retirement reducing cost;
4. San Antonio Regional Hospital, our largest employer, is reinvesting in Upland;
5. Today we have a succession plan; experienced city manager and assistant city manager, first time since late 2009. experienced police chief and fire chief;
6. Recent decision to approve the general plan and add safety as a top priority for the benefit of all citizens of Upland;
The former Mayor’s total annual expenses were $40,656 and currently is reduced to $9,600 a savings of $31,056 plus $1,000 for each council member for conferences/education.
The business of running a city has never been more difficult, but together we have shown ourselves to be a shining example of doing things the right way.
All of the statements in the proposed recall are false and slanderous in an attempt by the author to defame my character.”

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