By Grace Bernal
Slick hair is looking really fancy and secretive this fall season. I have always found the slick look very classic and stylish. The slick look is an amazing focal point to the head and face and to the outfit as well. The seductiveness it provides is beautiful and the slickness revamps the clothes in a wonderful manner. You can frazzle dazzle a slick bun with a floral arrangement, or head band. It’s all a creative force when it comes to the head and you can wear the slick look with black ribbons to the hair as well. This look makes women look outstanding and the men, too. It is looking kind of simple yet elegant in the beginning of October. The slick look is very 40s as in the Hollywood era, and the suits of that time that have always ruled America. The fashion world has been lacking in dated clothes and the slick look is something to think about. I applaud the fashion world for bringing slick back. October is going to be phenomenal. Have fun!

“A slick ponytail is a great way to add a modern, minimal look to your outfit.” -Brad Goreski

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