These Things Are Cool

By Grace Bernal

It’s hot and humid in San Bernardino County and some “things” are perfect for the occasion. Which means the sense of style in this area isn’t going to be stopped. Anything from shorts, printed dresses, and fun sandals people are wearing are not only fashionable but ready to go to work, or the beach. It’s been about 95 degrees down here and summer stylish pieces are everywhere. The people, of course, are on their way to the beach and work, looking amazingly stylish. Refreshing style is everywhere! But the 70s look with these “things,” which is exactly what I am going to call the caftans that are popping up everywhere, are my favorite pieces since last summer. They are lovely because they accentuate the positive and camouflage the negative in a refreshing way. They come in a light, flowing fabric that makes it easy and refreshing to wear. You can wear these “things” with jeans/shorts and tank/tube tops, skirts, fitted spaghetti strapped dresses, and bikinis/swimsuits. It all looks great in these “things” called caftan. So, remember “things” when you’re feeling undecided about what to wear in the nasty heat. Summer is definitely at its height this month, so stay cool and stay stylish.

“I have this threadbare caftan from the ’60s that I got at a vintage store years ago. It’s basically a muumuu. My friends are astonished that I wear it, but I love it. It’s this light fabric that just moves with me.” ~Gabrielle Anwar

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