East Highlands Ranch Homeowners Association Director Departing

Linda Mootry, the executive director of East Highlands Ranch Homeowners Association since early 2013, will be leaving that post, returning to take up a similar director’s position in Bakertsfield.
Mootry is an employee with the Management Trust, a national community association management firm.
Her family lives in Bakersfield and Mootry had to make a weekly commute for the sake of the post she’s in now.
Reviews of the Homeowners Association and Mootry are mixed. The amenities in East Highland Ranch are appreciated by most of the residents but security and enforcement of conditions, regulations and codes have bothered some residents, who have expressed dismay at being fined for parking their own vehicles in front of their houses. This has led to disputes with the homeowners association and Mootry when those residents have petitioned to have the citations and the expensive accompanying fines rescinded or waived. Those appeals are routinely denied.
Mootry attempted to be active in the community, joining the Kiwanis Club of Highland.
She voluntarily chose to return to the Central Valley to be closer to her family. Her resignation is effective as of October 15. The East Highland Ranch Home Owners Association Board of Directors is seeking to find her replacement, either through the Management Trust or separately by the time she departs.

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