California Style The Laid-Back Sporty Vancouver Look

By Grace Bernal

Hello last week I visited Vancouver, British Columbia and the fashion look was definitely geared toward sports. It was really neat to see all the sporty ideas that the people of Vancouver had to offer. This beautiful city has many different activities to offer its residents and visitors – such as cycling, hiking, basketball, and cricket – and participants dress into the role. Sports clothes are neat because with them you can take your wardrobe apart and redesign it in accordance to the activity of choice. Part of the sporty expression is the samurai hair style, where the head is shaved on the sides and hair is lifted in a pony tail. This, along with the felt hats, helps accentuate the sporty look in men especially. The footwear is pretty exciting too because there are some new looks on the streets, anything from different styles of sneakers to sandals that come with a relaxed ortho look. Some people were wearing their sandals with cool creative sox such asones cut off at the toes. I also enjoyed the mini skirts, and dresses with sneakers. The choices are becoming endless when it comes to comfort and sports clothes are definitely paving their way into the fashion world. Overall summer is looking pretty cool everywhere. Have fun discovering your fashion sporty look.

“We’re not doing outrageous fashion; I make sports clothes that are relatively conservative, clothes that everyone wears.” ~Calvin Klein

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