2013 Recall, 2014 Resignations Reflected in 2015 Election SB Election Field

Vestiges of the 2013 San Bernardino recall are apparent in the 2015 election season in the county seat.
Two years ago, San Bernardino Residents For Responsible Government, which was founded by, led and in large measure bankrolled by developer Scott Beard, circulated petitions seeking to remove from office mayor Patrick Morris, city attorney Jim Penman and council members Wendy McCammack, Fred Shorrett, Rikki Van Johnson, John Valdivia, Virginia Marquez, Robert Jenkins, and Chas Kelley.
Penultimately, the group dropped or failed to qualify its recall effort against Morris, Shorrett, Johnson, Marquez, Jenkins and Kelley. Ultimately, the recall succeeded against Penman and McCammack, though McCammack qualified, despite her recall as a councilwoman, for a run-off election as mayor, losing to Carey Davis. Of note is that in short order, two of the others originally targeted for recall, Kelley and Jenkins, resigned from office after being charged and then convicted with criminal conduct.
Gary Saenz was selected by voters in 2013 to succeed Penman when he was recalled. This year Saenz is unchallenged in his bid for reelection.
James Mulvihill was elected that same year to succeed McCammack on the council in the city’s 7th Ward. Unlike Saenz, he faces opposition in the form of Beard – the recall proponent – as well as Damon L. Alexander, Leticia Garcia and Kimberly Robel.
Valdivia, who turned back the recall effort against him in the Third District in 2013, is running again but will face no opposition, ensuring him a berth on the council until 2019.
Fifth Ward Councilman Henry Nickel is up for re-election, after serving less than a half term upon being elected in a special 2014 election to replace Kelley. He is being opposed by Brian W. Davison.
In the 6th Ward, Rikke Van Johnson has been on the council for nearly three terms since he was first elected in 2003. He has chosen to not seek reelection. Four candidates have filed their candidacy papers to succeed him: Anthony Jones, Rafael Rawls, Bessine Richard and Roxanne Williams.
Perennial city treasurer David Kennedy, who has faced an electoral challenge only once since being elected in 1991, is being challenged by Karmel Roe.
City Clerk Georgeann Hanna is not facing opposition.

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