California Style Fire It Up

By Grace Bernal

This week I am in Oregon and things really are a bit different here. Take Portland, for example. It’s edgy, hip and then some, until you reach the top. The gardens here are phenomenal and full of refreshing color.
Since California gets blazing in June, the color orange once again suits the mood. Everyone looks great in this color and it’s perfect for summer. A definitely unique yet vibrant color, which takes you away from hip and into a new art. You can find splashes of orange in skirts, pants, shirts and dresses, along with swimsuits. With that said, don’t be shy when putting this brilliant and explosive color together. Exploring is the best part of fashion and color has a way of making the experience fun. Fire it up this month with the vibrancy of orange. Stay cool!

The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.” –Coco Chanel

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