California Style Dash Of Summer

By Grace Bernal

Hello everyone…Summer is looking very dashing so far and once again the men are bringing it back because they’re wearing it out. The confident male is looking super handsome even in the middle of the hot summer. I love that men can get out and express themselves even in this hot weather. Especially when they’re rethinking the box and going out of it. The hats look great on the dads, guys, and boys. The cutoff jeans look super cute but the dressy turnaround in this weather has the man looking neat and tidy in dress shirts, straw hats and even suspenders. This case is pretty amazing because men are even adding a dress coat with their outfit despite the heat. This really shows how important it is not to ever give up on fashion because one never knows which way it’s going to go. In this case, the surprise is delightful and it’s all being made possible because of men taking the role of clotheshorse seriously once again.
“Today I will be a better man.” ~Andrew Snavely

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