Active Office Wear

By Grace Bernal
We all know men’s wear has been coming along slowly but the changes that have been coming out are extreme in a fun and daring way. The boys of today aren’t just wearing what their fathers wore anymore. This generation is not about riding the horse on a basic uniform. Their mode is moving fast and in a different direction. Today you see them going to work and school on cycles wearing business suits, guys on scooters heading to the office, skateboarders on their way to work and school. All this is happening with young people who have jobs with employers or bosses who allow this form of pooling style. allows these type of style. The splendor of men’s fashion is looking phenomenal and personally I absolutely love it. Men have always dared greatly when it came to courage and bravery on the battlefields but now the fashion masculine macho attitude is changing with the young men. No socks for young men even in business suits is pretty daring and brave in an office. No prohibition there, I hope. Fashion and young men, especially the ones who work in creative fields, can express their way of dress. The whole idea is about dressing for a lifestyle and the young generation are coming in doing so, slowly but surely.

“Style is the perfection of a point of view.”
—Richard Eberhart, Poet

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