California Style: The May Spectacle

By Grace Bernal

Rain or sun, spring moves on! The best part of it is the color that comes with the season and I just can’t say it enough. Spring never fails when it comes to color because it brings out this fashionable spectacle. The display of colorful clothes along with the fantasy hats is looking phenomenal these days. There is a lot of bright blues, reds, greens, reds, and pinks, along with floral printed dresses, which are becoming a huge success this year. The best part of fashion is when people buy their own clothes instead of borrowing them from a fancy designer. The real deal of the fashion world is the people who wear real clothes on the street. It’s great to see people express themselves freely. The world is moving into a phase of minimalist style, but with dashing color. Anytime people are gathering for a special event, they look fabulous in their dress-up gear because people always find different forms of attire. Take hats, for example. They are just fabulous for day and evening events because they fascinate by means of partially-hidden allure. Spring is colorful and so are the galas that are happening around this time. Enjoy the weather and keep the color going as the fun part of spring.
‘In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.’ – Coco Chanel

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