California Style Nurturing Nature

By Grace Bernal
There are no ifs about it:  the color of clothes definitely goes hand in hand with the season. All the colorful flowers come and go pretty quickly but the colors that we choose have staying power and are just plain fun.  Color is the visual manifestation of nature. Choosing it in the right way to complement or otherwise match the outdoors is a delightful challenge and will be a real treat for those who will get to look in your direction. There are hints of peachy oranges, yellows of all sorts, floral prints, and surprisingly, lacy whites are popping up, too. Peach color is even on the lips. The white is wonderful on graduates, and of course the lovely brides of spring. Everywhere you turn, someone is graduating or getting married and the flowers at hand are bright and colorful. As nature crosses paths with fashion, the season is looking floral and colorful. The fashionable people on the streets are really coming up with neat combos. As nature changes, so do we. The gentle yet bright colors are definitely eye catching in a fashionable way.

“Spring  is a time to find where you are, who you are and move toward where you are going”  ~ Penelope Trunk

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