California Style

By Grace Bernal
Spring is unfolding and there are more bare legs and arms as the season progresses. Of course, one day is cooler than the others, and then the drama transforms itself, as the one following that may heat up. The grass turfs have been unrolled and the earth is bursting out into springy colorful lawns. The fashion is also changing into spring pallet colors but the silver color is hanging on until its completion. The silver looks splashed into patterns like circles and and also a hint of black and white stripes are popping out, too. Everywhere you go the signs of spring are there and all the cooler outfits are coming together quite neatly. Keep on springing and experimenting with the new weather and the longer days. Enjoy the colors as they begin to unfold.

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”      ― Rachel Zoe

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