Aggressive Redlands High Wrestling Coach Terminated

(April 2) Redlands High School Wrestling Coach Mario Estrada, who oversaw the Terrier grappling team for four years, has been removed from that position.
At least two parents were critical of his overly aggressive approach, which included free wrestling matchups during practice, in which he himself sometimes participated.
During one of those sessions on February 10, he slammed Ernesto Guzman, a senior on the team who wrestled in the 145 pound class, to the mat. Guzman, it was later learned, sustained a concussion.
A complaint regarding Estrada was made to High Athletic Director Ken Morse on  February 16.  Subsequently, the Redlands Police Department was contacted.
The high school conducted an inquiry into the matter and the police department carried out an investigation.
Members of the team and the assistant coaches were questioned, and on balance they said that Estrada, though spirited and intense in his approach, did not go beyond the pall in what is recognized as a rough contact sport.
The police department concluded that there was no criminal culpability on Estrada’s part.
The high school administration learned that on occasion Estrada had used profanity around his charges and had not been diligent in insisting the wrestlers wear headgear, which was deemed a lapse in safety protocol.
In what assistant principal Chris A. Ruhm said was an appropriate response, Estrada was relieved from his post.
That change was reflected on the high school’s website, on which the roster of athletic coaches shows a blank slot for the school’s wrestling coach.

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