Lucerne Valley Woman Still Missing

(March 26) Krystie Stuart, who disappeared on March 2, is still missing.
Her disappearance was lost in the shuffle and extensive media attention given to the similar circumstance relating to that Sahray Barber, who went missing from San Bernardino on March 9. Barber turned up safe at a shelter in Los Angeles on March 20.

Krystie Stuart

But Stuart’s fate remains unknown. On March 2, a Monday, Stuart left her home in Lucerne Valley for a dentist appointment in Apple Valley. At the dental office, Jess Ranch Dental, she was not in what was characterized as “the proper frame of mind” for her scheduled procedure, so the appointment was canceled. She made a phone call shortly thereafter, but never made an expected rendezvous with a friend later that day.
She had seemingly vanished into thin air. On March 8 her white Dodge Dakota was found near a burned-out structure in an unincorporated area in northern Apple Valley. Sheriff’s department investigators combed through the vehicle, but had little success finding possible evidence or information about her whereabouts. The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department declared her officially missing on March 11 and brought in one of its helicopters to carry out an aerial search of the area surrounding where her car was found.
The sheriff’s department, however, has not put the same emphasis on the Stuart case as did the San Bernardino Police Department devote to the Barber matter and investigators seem to believe Stuart voluntarily left or is in hiding
This is belied, those familiar with her say, by her abandonment of her pickup truck and the personal items left behind in it. Avidly religious, it is completely out of character for her to have not at the very least returned to attend church on Sundays, according to those who know her.
It is believed that as a result of her disappearance she does not have access to prescription medications she uses. She is described as a thin white woman, 29-years-old, 5 feet 9 inches tall and 107 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes. She was last seen wearing a camouflage hat, white shirt, black pants and white shoes.
Anyone with information about Stuart or her whereabouts is asked to call detective Bill Doemner at the Victor Valley Sheriff’s Station at 760-956-5001 or 760-552-6800.

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