California Style: Sunny Days Are Here Again

By Grace Bernal
The days are happy again with the high heat temperatures in San Bernardino County. Nothing but happiness with all the different activities that are finally happening with the changing of the season. The warm weather is here and were breaking into spring. The spirit of the people is looking like a strip tease down here. No jackets, no socks, and a lot of showy flesh. The parks are a wonderful destination for BBQ, bike riding, and playing ball. January, and February are gone and no more sweaters are being worn. Everywhere you look the shorts, sandals, hats, and sleeveless tops are being worn. With sunny days here again the heat is on down here in San Bernardino county. So, get out and finally get the new fresh air. Enjoy the magical color the season has to offer and have fun dressing for it.
‘In difficult times, fashion is always outrageous.’ —Elsa Schiaparelli

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