California Style: Hatting

It’s another week and the sun is rising earlier and brighter everyday. Spring is also bringing wind into the Inland Empire and its blowing up the women’s skirts. Although pants have replaced skirts for the most part its all about “HATTING” at the moment. But the hat has got to be held on to due to the strong winds. Felt hats are perfect for the sun and because they are light it looks fun when they are held on to during the windy days. This is a new thing about the brim hat because it suddenly hit the streets and it can be so much fun to wear, too. Wide brim hats look great with shades, scarves, and bright lipstick. Its just another fun accessory to add to your outfit. Spring has just begun and the hat is just the tip of the iceberg of the great fashion pieces that are about to move upon us. Enjoy your hat and any other accessory for that matter. The weather is looking great and winds are in full speed, so make sure you’re holding on to your hat while walking the streets. Enjoy the spring wind and have a great week.

A person carries off the hat. Hats are about emotion. It is all about how it makes you feel.
~Philip Treacy

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