California Style Fresh Art

By Grace Bernal

There many things to consider as the weather changes and we start seeing the colors of spring. But this week I’m giving it to the hope and the beginning of the young people. They know how to form together and they are clever and creative with art. Their trends are looking creatively unique. As always a joy to watch young people be off the wall and full of ideas. This new generation is full of fresh air and they want nothing to do with branding. It’s all about the fresh air of spring and it all happens with them. The audience is young and they don’t want to be forced into fashion from within the box. They’re all about thinking for themselves and express it by wearing lacey sneakers, custom made boots, and surprisingly made in America. All the prepackaged fashion doesn’t make it with these kids because they enjoy making their own pieces. Some the hairpieces are also very creative and its fantastic to see the ladies get creative with their top. With that said, get out of the box and let your fountain of creativity come together. You can really create contrast art with your outfits. Enjoy the week believing that the hope that people are thinking very much outside of the box in the fashion and art world is going strong.

“Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you.”
~Ralph Lauren

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