Baker In The News

One of Baker’s residents, 39-year-old Earnest Ortega Huerta was found dead in the desert near the Dumont Dunes on March 19, it was disclosed this week. Caltrans workers working on Highway 127, which leads to Death Valley, found Huerta’s lifeless corpse near mile marker 137.
Deputies from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department and officers from the California Highway Patrol responded. Huerta, died, it appeared, from upper body trauma.
Huerta’s death was ruled a homicide and the sheriff’s homicide detail is looking into the circumstances and seeking further leads. Detective Mike Walker and sergeant Jason Radeleff have been assigned to the Huerta death. They can be reached at 909-387-3589. According to the coroner, it has not been determined how long Huerta’s body might have been in the desert before being found.

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