Adelanto Clean Focus Solar Plant Now Activated And Generating

ADELANTO— (March 10) Clean Focus, Inc.’s 3.75 megawatt Adelanto solar plant began operations last week.
Located at 9001 Cassia Road, the facility was given its note of occupancy on March 3. The plant, which was built by Sol Construction, of Riverside according to a design developed by the engineering firm MPE Consulting, covers 20 acres.
Clean Focus CEO Stanley Chin asserted that the plant will offset carbon dioxide 4,934 tons annually.
Chin and Clean Focus were the object of derision by the project’s detractors who said that assertions that the project would create hundreds of jobs was belied by the consideration that the facility employs a total of one-and-one half employees.
Chin downplayed the criticisms, saying that the property upon which the solar facility is located would have otherwise lain “underutilized.”
The construction of the facility, which was financed by Seminole Financial Services, entailed scores of workers, whose temporary employment on the project ended when the ground-mounted system was interconnected in late January.
Under the California Renewable Energy Small Tariff Program, the solar plant markets electricity to Southern California Edison.

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