County Keeps On Giving: Probationers Get Another $16K Worth Of Gift Cards

(November 12)  The county board of supervisors this month augmented by $16,110 its previously approved program of providing probationers and juvenile offenders overseen by the probation department with prepaid gift cards.
Based upon a recommendation by county chief probation officer Michelle Scray Brown and presented by deputy chief probation officer Scott Frymire, the board okayed the additional expenditure in a total amount not to exceed $16,110 as a means to “maintain public safety and provide for the health and social services needs of county residents.
According to Frymire, “Each year, the probation department provides probationers and juveniles with a variety of prepaid cards as incentive and supportive devices. The use of prepaid cards allows the probation department to reward juveniles for good behavior and to assist probationers in attending mandatory meetings by supplying bus passes. The probation department also uses prepaid gift cards to assist juvenile probationers in the Independent Living Program. This program provides basic life skills, career exploration and job readiness preparation for probation youth who have been in out-of-home placement. In this program, the youth learn skills that prepare them to transition to adulthood and living on their own.”
In June, the board of supervisors approved the probation department’s request to purchase $250,865 of prepaid cards for 2014-15.  Frymire said an uptick in the number of juvenile offenders involved in the rehabilitation program has necessitated an increase in the funding. “This request for an additional $16,110 addresses immediate needs due to more participation in Independent Living Program classes and a greater than anticipated need for bus passes in the general juvenile population,” he said. “The probation department seeks approval to purchase additional prepaid gift cards during the remainder of 2014-15 from the following vendors: $600 for 120 $5 cards from Jamba; $850 for 170 $5 cards from Starbucks: $1,300 for 260 $5 cards from McDonald’s; $1,300 for 260 $5 cards from In and Out;  $550 for 110 $5 cards from Del Taco; $600 for 60 $10 cards from Walmart; $600 for 120 $5 cards from Subway; $600 for 120 $5 cards from Coldstone; $260 for 52 cards from Carl’s Jr. and $6.150 for 150 $41 monthly bus passes from OmniTrans and $1,400 for 100 $14 weekly passes from OmniTrans.

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