GOP Candidate Mayes Looks Toward Easy Victory In Heavily Republican 40th District

(September 29) Chad Mayes, the Republican candidate in the race for the  42nd District Assembly, gave a generic reason as to why he is running for office this time around.
“I’m running to represent and give the people of the 42nd Assembly District a voice in Sacramento.”
Mayes said the major issues facing the district are economic ones.
“Too many of our neighbors remain out of work or are struggling to make ends meet,” he said. “Simply, I believe we need to address the issue of job creation in our region.  Additionally, our schools need to produce graduates with the skills to compete in today’s economy. So, I’m clearly focused on education policy.”
As to the major issues facing the state of California, Mayes said “Frankly, there is not enough space to cover all of the issues that face our state.  Clearly our schools in both urban and rural areas are failing our students.  When you lose a major employer like Tesla to Nevada, it’s clear our regulatory and tax structures are driving jobs away.  We simply must solve our water crisis and compromise needs to be made by all sides.  And it’s too bad that we have to lock our doors at night to protect our families from the threat of violence.  The issues are too numerous but all of them are important.”
Of his district’s needs, Mayes said, “This district is geographically expansive and that probably poses the largest challenge to any legislator.”
To meet the varying challenges he must deal with as a legislator, Mayes said, “I’ve worked hard to build coalitions in each of the communities of the 42nd district that will ensure that I’m properly informed on the issues that are vital to our neighbors.”
Mayes cited his previous experience in elective office in explaining what he believed qualified him for a stint in the state legislature. “I was elected three times to the Yucca Valley Town Council and served two terms as mayor.  I worked alongside now Congressman Paul Cook when he represented many of these communities in the State Assembly and I currently serve as chief of staff to the chair of the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors.  All combined, I have proven experience at the local, county, and state level.”
Mays said he is distinguished form his Democratic opponent Karalee  Hargrove by “my years of public service at the local, county, and state level, which has made me uniquely qualified to work with Republicans, Democrats and Independents to get things done. These are tough times and we need a strong and effective voice to fight for our region.  My extensive relationships with local leaders throughout every community in the 42nd district will make me effective from day one.  I’m willing to work across the aisle in a bipartisan manner to address the issues of job creation and retention and stronger schools that prepare our graduates to succeed in today’s competitive economy.”

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