Barich Has Hometown Advantage In Redlands Council Race, He Says

(October 13) Emphasizing that he was “born and raised in Redlands” and that “I have a very successful business here,” Paul Barich said he is now running for city council because he sees it “as the ultimate in volunteering. I am trying to give back to the community that has been so good to me.”
In sizing up what he sees as the major issues and challenges facing Redlands, Barich said, “I feel the major challenges are keeping the city fiscally responsible and encouraging businesses to locate here so we can expand our tax base and maintain our quality of life.”
Barich said the formula he would apply to meet the challenges consists of “making sure our fees are fair so businesses will love to come here. We have to make sure the city maintains its character as a green and beautiful city. We have to go out and recruit businesses and let business owners know this is a great place to do business and that if they come here they will be successful. I think we need to maintain our emerald necklace program, the greenbelt we are trying to complete around Redlands, which shows how unique we are. I think we also need to look into trying to jumpstart our emerging tourism industry.”
The Emerald Necklace is Redlands’ effort to provide urban open space, a collection of parks, orchards, agricultural lands, canyons, river beds, ranches, trails and otherwise undeveloped real estate to serve as a buffer for any further development in Redlands that does take place.
Barich said he has already demonstrated his commitment to Redlands, which he hopes the city’s voters will consider when they go to the polls. He said his business savvy also recommends him for a position on the council. “As a lifelong Redlands resident, I think I know what our community is and how everyone wants our city to be,” he said. “I started and built up a successful business here and I intend to use my business knowledge to make sure the city is operated properly, as opposed to how some cities are run. I have been involved in the community in so many different ways over the last 30 years. I feel most of the residents here know me and trust me. I was on the Redlands Municipal Personnel Advisory Board. I am on the community music association board. I am the gentleman in the white coat who introduces the musicians and the programs during the summer performances. I have been a longtime member of the Redlands Optimist Club. I’m pretty well recognized. This community has been so good to me I feel that I should give something back.”
A graduate of Redlands High, he went on to UCLA where he majored in history. He is the owner of Barich & Associates, an insurance marketing company. He is married with two daughters and two grandchildren.

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