Bourikas’ Departure Creates Vacancy On 29 Palms Water District Board

(September 14) TWENTYNINE PALMS — Nicholas Bourikas, a member of the Twentynine Palms Water District Board of Directors since July 2010, has resigned from that position.
Bourikas, who is known by the nickname “Bo,” was originally appointed to replace Chris Gallagher, who had resigned more than four years ago.
In 2011, Bourikas was retained in the position when he and another board incumbent, Sam Moore, were the only candidates competing in that year’s board election.
Bourikas tendered his resignation on August 27, effective September 15. The board, which had the option of scheduling a special election to fill the vacancy, elected to instead appoint his successor to remain in place at least until December 2015, at which point the current term will expire. A regularly scheduled election for the post is due in November 2015.
During his tenure on the board, the district’s management of the Twentynine Palms Fire District and the efforts to enhance its funding has been a recurrent topic of discussion and votes.
“I thank you all very much for putting up with me the last four years,” Bourikas said. “I wish the district as a whole success as we move forward.”
Those interested in applying to replace Bourikas can do so by inquiring with the water district’s general manager, Tamara Alaniz, at (760) 367-7546.

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