After 23 Years On Council In Chino Hills, Graham Asking For Four More

(September 14) Ed Graham, the only member of original Chino Hills City Council remaining in office, said he is seeking reelection to the council “because I think I’ve been a pretty effective leader. I love what I do. I love my community. When we started in 1991, we were looking to form a family-oriented community, not a city that had a lot of major industry. We wanted to develop a tight-knit family community. Since then, we’ve grown to a population of 75,000 but it doesn’t feel like it. It feels much smaller.”

When asked what challenges Chino Hills faces, Graham said “We’re like every city in California. We are always worrying about money and the state taking away more of our tax base. That is always a challenge. Our other structural challenge is the Proposition 218 requirements. Our lighting and landscaping districts need funding We have been backfunding that with some of our federal funds and our reserves are drawn down.”
Graham said he merits reelection and he also plugged the two other incumbents in the race, Ray Marquez and Peter Rogers. “Anyone who looks around town can see our parks and that we are a family oriented community and knows we should stay the course with the people from the council who are running with me. People know I can work with them and we can make decisions and move the city along without problems. We have been able to do that over the years. I am one of the members of the original town council. I have been here since 1991. If people enjoy living in the city and raising a family, that speaks volumes. I have been leading this city for 23 years. This is a safe community. We have great shopping. We don’t have tension.”
Graham is a retired school administrator and basketball coach. He is married with three children.

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