30 Years As Commissioner Qualifies Him For Council In Colton, Prieto Says

(September 22)  After 30 years on the Colton Planning Commission, Richard Prieto is seeking voters’ approval to transition to the city council.
With councilwoman Susan Oliva having chosen not to seek reelection as District 4 councilwoman, Prieto is running to fill the void. Luis Gonzalez is also vying for the seat.
“I have been a commissioner for 30 consecutive years,” said Prieto. “In that time I’ve worked with all of the different council members, eleven city managers, several city attorneys and all the different department heads. I was able to work with all of them at all times. With the 30 years of experience I have gained I believe I can get into City Hall and show what I can do.”
Colton’s major issue is economic development, Prieto said, and the biggest challenge is “bringing more business here. We are getting a new Starbucks. LA Fitness is opening. More homes are being built in the La Loma Hills. That’s a start. Hopefully, if I am elected, I can convince businesses to come here. We are the hub of the Inland Empire. We have land that is right up against the freeway. With our economic development program, we can offer them good deals. It is a little bit harder now that we have lost our redevelopment agency to the state. But I am sure we can do it by offering these companies economic incentives to come here.”
Prieto said he is qualified to serve on the council by “the fact that I have thirty years’ experience in city government and I know my district. I have been in my district my whole life. Anyone can say they know what it takes to represent this district and Colton, but I have been a planning commissioner for thirty years, looking at housing and zoning and development of all sorts. I am well aware of the things that are going on in the city. I am on top of the issues that could bring in more development.”
Moreover, Prieto said, he embodies the right attitude when it comes to representing his fellow residents.
“I listen to the people,” he said. “A lot of people have had some issues and they have brought them to me. I have responded to their needs. I will continue to have an open door policy and will respond to them, so they can be comfortable in the knowledge that I care about them. I am going to make my cell phone number public. You can deal with me on a one to one basis. I will have my email address published. The people of District 4 can write to me about their concerns. I am not elected yet, but I want people to know that if I am elected I will let them know everything about the city and its decisions and action that I can. I am not going to make promises I cannot keep but I will tell the people of Colton the truth, whether they like to hear it or not.
A 1967 Colton High School graduate, Prieto served in the U.S. Army. After his discharge he worked at Bendix homes as a lead worker in the cabinet shop. He was later a car man with the Southern Pacific Railroad, worked in the Parks Department with the city of Rialto, and was a delivery driver with Seven-Up and Yellow Freight Systems. He is married with four children.

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