Upland City Council Candidate Statements

(August 20)  Susan Berk
Upland cannot afford to maintain the status quo. We need responsible city council leadership. I have 35 years of leadership experience managing multi-million dollar defense and commercial programs. My industry assignments require analyzing complex situations and meeting budgets and schedules. I can’t simply ask my customers for more money, nor should this be an option in local government.
My positions are no on water privatization, no on new taxes, yes on financial accountability, and no on city government secrecy. I will be diligent in representing you. I will answer to the citizens of Upland and not the special interest groups.
We can find a path forward to meet our commitments with existing resources. This mindset is missing in our city government, and it’s why I’m running for city council.
I have MBA and BS (mathematics) degrees from Cal Poly. I’ve written books on management and financial analysis, and I have the experience and skills required for addressing Upland’s issues. I will ask the right questions and demand answers.
My family has lived in Upland for 30 years and our daughters graduated from Upland’s outstanding public schools.
I am the decisive leader that Upland needs on the city council.

Stephen Dunn
An Upland resident, proud father and expert in municipal government, I have a very personal stake  in our city’s success. Though we’re truly a “City of Gracious Living,” we face serious fiscal realities that threaten our quality of life.
As your city manager, I proposed a comprehensive strategy to avert economic crisis. Three years later, our progress has been stymied, and I realize the best way to move our city forward is to make change happen where the decisions are made: on the Upland City Council.
Our residents deserve a better Upland. My plan includes smart, sustainable measures that promote economic growth and development, upgrade infrastructure, enhance public safety and preserve our neighborhoods.
I have a proven record of success and the expertise to solve our fiscal crisis while protecting our quality of life.
•    Former Upland finance director and city manager
•    Saved Upland over $6,000,000 by averting a costly lawsuit
•    Streamlined city operation and increased accessibility
I’m committed to providing city government that is proactive, effective and accountable. I understand the issues and I’m ready to take action for you. Join countless civic leaders and  residents and vote to help Upland thrive – Vote Stephen Dunn!

Gino Filippi
Thank you for your continued trust in me. Since first being elected to city council in 2010 as the reform candidate, I have worked diligently on behalf of all residents and businesses making difficult budget and policy decision while remaining focused on keeping our neighborhoods safe and demanding fiscal responsibility and transparency.
The past several years have been challenging for Upland. The general fund is under pressure to continue providing the level of services residents have grown accustomed to. While reductions have been made, service calls have increased. There is more work ahead to move Upland forward towards long-term financial stability.
We can accomplish our shared goals. Maintaining Upland’s quality of life, providing responsible public safety and community services, and enhancing a community future generations will be proud to call home, but we must work smart and do what is in the best interest of residents and businesses. I am a proud native of Upland and I know the issues. I have and will continue to provide solutions. I am seeking your vote for re-election and will continue to work for a positive future for Upland. Let’s get Upland back on track!

Rod McAuliffe
Elect me as councilman, so that together, we can return Upland to the city of gracious living. I am not running to seek power, prestige, or to serve my own self-interest, but rather to serve and be a voice for the community.
My life has always been about public service; from my first job as an emergency medical technician, to serving in the Marine Corps, to my service in law enforcement. I also spent eight years working for a large corporation where I held a managerial position in loss prevention-shortage control. I received my bachelors and masters is business management from Azusa Pacific University. In 2012, the Upland City council appointed me to the traffic safety committee.
If elected, I will ensure that you would never have to carry the financial burden because of the city’s financial mismanagement. Rather than always raising taxes, I will be part of the culture of city leaders that are responsible with your money, and know how to operate within the means of the city budget. I will always be accessible, transparent, and attentive to your thoughts, concerns, and needs.
I am looking forward to serving you as your next councilman. God Bless!

Bill Schuessler
As a thirty year resident of Upland  I have witnessed flourishing budgets vanish, city services depleted and quality of life deteriorating.
Upland deserves more than this.  If you elect me, you can turst that as your councilmember, I will make the right decisions in critical times, and work with my fellow peers and city leaders to create a strategy to make our city thrive once again.   I will never make a promise for change without a plan to back it up.
As a measure of commitment, I will not seek donations, nor endorsements.  I believe keeping money in your pocket and voting for me November 4th is the best investment you can make.
I retired after 31 years of law enforcement, 17 as a supervisor.  I also worked as an EMT with a local fire department.  I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business as well as other government certifications.
I believe in empowering each city department to make sound decisions, but at the same time hold them accountable for their financial oversight.
As your councilmember and steward, I will ask that all the council join me in “thinking outside the box”, and steering away from the status quo.
Promises of  revenue, balanced budgets, quality of life issues, and retention of valuable employees aren’t just about dreams, they are about vision, experience and a plan.
Rememer Bill Schuessler is the right person with the right ideas at thr right time.

Debbie Stone
During my service on the city council I have worked hard to ensure that I always work in the best interest of our entire community. Sometimes this means making decisions I don’t necessarily like or that might not make me the most popular person in town, but are the right things to do for our community as a whole. I have served without question of my integrity or motives. I have not and will not accept campaign donations from any city employee groups.
Making our city economically stable and sustainable is my highest priority. Maintaining our public safety and other vial public services is critically important. I will work to ensure that our city remains safe and properly maintained while operating within our means.
I have lived in Upland since 1979, and am a proud member of a family with a long history of public service to Upland. My career has prepared me to deal with difficult situations when emotions run high and opinions differ.
I will always represent the citizens of Upland honestly, and act at all times in the best interest of our entire community. I am your voice in city leadership.

Carol Timm
As an Upland planning commissioner I have served as chair and vice chair and have been a 30-year local teacher and longtime president of Upland Heritage. I have dedicated my life to making our community better.
Through Upland Heritage and the historic commission, I helped create nine historic districts and with Upland Heritage awarded homeowners matching  grants of over $100,000, generating over a quarter of a million dollars in improvements to our neighborhoods.
As a planning commissioner, I fought to improve city standards, attract good development and rid our city of illegal businesses.
My main goal is to promote fiscal responsibility and increase revenue to the city to maintain public services, fix streets and infrastructure. We must stay within our budgetary means, promote economic growth and create more local jobs.
Upland residents need a city council that can provide positive, proactive leadership and is not afraid to act in difficult situations to protect residents and taxpayer dollars.
It is my pledge to Upland residents that I will be the strong, decisive leader our city needs to get back on track.
I would be honored to have your trust and your vote for Upland City council.

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