Raising Fontana’s Aesthetic Level Is Gonzalez’s Council Campaign Theme

(August 26) Adrian Felix Gonzalez is running for Fontana City Council, he says, “because I want to beautify the city. I want to bring in  more development and I want bring in more business.”
The first order of business once he is elected, Gonzalez said, would be to “find out where the money is going and cut down on other programs that do not have a major impact in Fontana. I want to work with the mayor, the other council members, the city manager and the city engineer to find areas where there is wasteful spending.”
Gonzalez said, “Our number one challenge is redirecting city funds into the areas that haven’t been given the priorities other areas have been given.  If you live in Fontana, you know that parts are beautiful and there are parts that are not. We need to connect the two.  This has to be applied to everything, the streets, the lights, the sidewalks, the trees. We have to make sure that no parts get left behind in Fontana.
“I want to work on the beautification of Fontana,” Gonalez said. “I want it to look nice. I want everyone to have pride in the city like I do. I am a lifelong resident. I grew up here. I went to elementary school here. I graduated from A.B. Miller High School. “
Gonzalez said, “I want everyone who votes to know that I will be committed to all the parts of Fontana, the new and the old. I want to continue development. I want to ensure quality growth. But I will not forget about the older sections of town. “
Gonzalez said he is distinguished from the other candidates in the race by his youth and the approach to life his youth affords him.
“I have a young perspective,” he said. “A lot of the candidates don’t have that. I look at the city the way a young person does. Essentially, my adulthood has occurred while there has been major change in the city. I want to contiue that growth and encourage the beautification of Fontana. I am 31 years old and I bring a fresh perspective to this.”
The owner of  a Fontana-based real estate company, Gonzalez is a licensed real estate broker.

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