God, Country, The Constitution & Guns Are Laws’ Theme In 33rd Bid

(April 2) 75-year-old retired truck driver Jerry Laws is running for the state assembly in the 33rd District.
A Republican competing against eight other Republicans and one Democrat, Laws insisted, “I am going to win in landslide. I only have twenty years left and so now is the time to put me in there. We have an attractive lady, a handsome guy and some others running for this office. None of them are as good as me. Vote for me now so you won’t have to vote for yourself.”
Born in Des Moines, Iowa, Laws came with his family to Southern California as a youngster. He graduated from Redondo High School and spent one year at El Camino College, the most memorable part of which Laws said was his competing as a member of the water polo team.
In 1957, he joined the Marines. He looked forward to duty oversees and almost shipped out for the Middle East during the Lebanon Crisis, for which his unit was put on standby. He did not actually make it to Lebanon, but got some fulfillment when he did a tour of duty in Panama. He left the Marines but attempted to get back in during the Viet Nam conflict. By that point he was married with children and the Marines demanded that he first get clearance from his first wife, who refused to give it. At the age of 62, in 2001 after the September 11 attacks on Manhattan and the Pentagon, Laws tried to reenlist. The Marines rejected him on the basis of his age.
Laws carries with him the soldier’s commitment to his country, which informs his ambition toward elective office.
“I certainly believe in God, county, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights,” Laws said. “I was a commercial truck driver with all of the qualifications. My last job was with  Westwood Building Material in Inglewood and Manhattan Beach. Early on I worked as a county lifeguard, including at Will Rogers Park.”
Laws  proudly proclaimed that he was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and  insisted that he embodied the elements of his faith.
“”For me, the promised land is the top of Canada to the bottom of South America,” he said. “I’m here and I am committed to defend my country my  way.  I’d like to see a flat tax rate in California. We can’t get the feds to do it.  I want the federal land in California turned back to the state. Right now the federal government will not let states drill or put pipelines in or anything along that line. The states made the government. The government did not make the states. There is a mine up in Calico. I asked our county  supervisor a while back why we could not use that mine for silver or borax. I said  we could use it to pay our bills and we could do it without messing with the ghost town around it, which is a historic site. Inyo County  was using its gold mines to pay their bills. The federal government should return most of what it took over back to the states. To join the United States the states, which were territories at the time, gave up a lot of land. My main goals are to protect the Constitution and the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms.  It is very simple. The Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights says the right to bear arms shall not be infringed. Get a dictionary and read what infringed means. Look at U.S. Code Title Ten Section 311. I don’t care who you are, the president of the United States or the governor or the legislature or the county sheriff or the mayor,  you are to pass no laws to restrict guns. I figure I’ve got 20 years left and let’s see if we can’t defend our states’ rights and the Second Amendment. I don’t have a lot of money behind me but I have the support of five or six gun clubs. They’ll help me out. I’m making this run in the largest county and in my first tour of duty I want to make it the most God fearing county in the country. This country is great and free because of the Constitution and the Second Amendment. No one has ever invaded this country. They attacked Hawaii but they didn’t come ashore because our citizens have weapons. We have good families and good people of all backgrounds living here. We have fought wars. Those soldiers did not fight for all this nonsense we have going on now. The federal government is too large. The size of our governments is opposite of what it should be. We need to get the federal government out of our pockets and out of our lives. The local government should be the largest.  The next largest should be the county government. The next largest should be the state government. The federal government should be real small.”
Laws took a deep breath and continued, “This is the Promised Land. I don’t think we need to bring  people into our state. They can stay in their own country. We need to get people working again. We can get people working again. We have plenty of land, plenty of resources. We need to get back to the basics. I am not going to make promises I can’t keep. Take the delta smelt. We are going to have a food shortage . We are short of water because of some little smelt The Lord gave us authority over the all of the creatures and animals of the earth. We are to use the land and water for ourselves. We own the land. We own the mines. We own the oil. The Constitution and Bill of Rights gives us the right to do what is best for ourselves. Enough is enough!”
Married twice, Laws has  nine adult children, 27 grandchildren and  25 great grandchildren  “I  want to leave them a legacy,” he said. “They think I am crazy for running. I tell them, ‘It takes a few years to make a good prophet. It took a few years to make a good Constitution. It’ll take me a few years to become a politician but you will be proud of my service.’ I tell them, ‘If the Savior doesn’t come back by the time I’m elected, you may want to study history.’”

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