Top Forensic Pathologist’s Pay Increased

(February 11)  The county board of supervisors this week gave the coroner’s office’s lead forensic pathologist a $6,000 raise to ensure that her pay grade is not exceeded by her lesser-experienced colleagues.
Dr. Chanikarn Changsri has been with the coroner’s division since March 2006. The coroner’s division investigates deaths within its jurisdiction to determine the manner and means of death. In certain instances, forensic pathologists conduct autopsies to provide expert diagnosis as to the cause of death.
One year ago, on February 12, 2013, the board of supervisors updated benefit language and contribution levels for the top tier of employees within the coroner’s division to ensure consistency with all employment groups in the county and included a salary increase to maintain parity with other counties.
On August 6, 2013, the board of supervisors approved Agreement No. 13-671 with Dr. Brian Hutchins to provide services as a forensic pathologist. Dr. Hutchins’ contract included an updated salary schedule starting at $72.12 per hour with 2.5% step advancement to a maximum hourly rate of  $101.90 per hour. Sheriff John McMahon, who also serves as the county’s titular coroner, requested that the board approve “an amendment to Dr. Changsri’s contract to align her salary at the top step of this new pay scale given her nearly eight years of service to the county.”
According to McMahon, “This increase will also enhance the department’s ability to retain this critical position.”
The board approved upping Dr. Changsri’s pay from $98.55 per hour to $101.90 per hour.

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