Bloomington Housing Project To Include County Library

(February 25)  In what appears to be the first such arrangement of  its kind, a developer has been given clearance to build 190 high density residential units in an unincorporated county area conditional upon the inclusion of a library and other infrastructure elements in the development.
Irvine-based Bloomington I Housing Partners has obtained an entitlement to build 190 residential affordable housing unit on nine acres of county-owned property near the corner of Valley Boulevard and Locust Avenue in the community of Bloomington. One year ago, on February 26, 2013 the board of supervisors approved the selection of the Bloomington I Housing Partners, L.P. as the developer, following a request for qualifications process, to develop an affordable mixed-generational housing and library development.
In addition to building a  6,500-square foot county library, Bloomington I Housing Partners has agreed to provide $2,012,590 toward financing the construction of wastewater system improvements. The  $2,012,590 will be made available to County Service Area 70  in a lump sum.  Any unused funds will be returned to the County Department of Community Development and Housing  upon completion of the sewer improvement project.
The county board of supervisors accepted that financing arrangement this week.
A companion item approved by the board of supervisors approved a contract with Christensen Brothers General Engineering, Inc., to construct the wastewater system improvements, consisting of approximately 5,149-feet of 18-inch diameter PVC sewer line beneath Valley Boulevard, miscellaneous small diameter sewer lines, 20 precast manholes, a metering and monitoring facility at the connection with the city of Rialto, and road repairs upon completion of the sewer line construct ion and other appurtenances. These will provide sewer service by means of publically owned and operated sewers as an alternative to private septic waste disposal systems currently in place at the site.
The project is one undertaken by San Bernardino County’s Community Development and Housing Department. To facilitate the project, the Community Development and Housing Department requested assistance from the County Special Districts Department to provide for the construction, operation and maintenance of the sewer facilities. On November 19, 2013, the board of supervisors approved and adopted a resolution of formation to create County Service Area 70, Zone BL, to provide sewer service to the Bloomington development and the approved service area. The district and the city of Rialto approved an extraterritorial agreement to accept waste generated within the district for treatment and disposal by the city of Rialto in lieu of constructing and operating a district-owned wastewater treatment plant. The agreement was approved by the city of Rialto Public Utilities Commission on November 19, 2013; approved  by the Rialto City Council on December 10, 2013; and approved by the board of supervisors on December 17, 2013.
The arrangement approved by the board of supervisors on Tuesday set terms for on-going sewer fees including those fees required for treatment by the city of Rialto; allowing for a reimbursement agreement and collection of proportional share of the improvement costs from other benefitting properties; and providing requirements for conveyance of the improvements to the district.
Phase one of the Bloomington Affordable Housing Project, which is to entail Mediterranean-style structures, is projected to begin construction in fall 2014. The first phase will consist of 70-units for seniors, public library, and 2,200 square foot senior community space. It will also include 36 family units, 2,625 square foot community center and classroom facility. Phase two will consist of the remaining 84 family units. The housing project will lease one, two, and three-bedroom units.

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