Chabot To Run In 40th Assembly District

(December 19)  Paul Chabot has given indication he will run for the lower house of the California Legislature if  40th Assembly District Assemblyman Mike Morrell is obliged to leave that post if he achieves success in his bid to succeed bill Emmerson, who resigned as 23rd District state senator effective December 1. That senate seat will be filled in a special election next year.
Chabot, a Republican who unsuccessfully sought election to the Assembly in the 63rd District in 2010, touts himself as a conservative, Navy veteran and anti-drug crusader.
Morrell’s 40th Assembly District includes Rancho Cucamonga, the foothills and mountains around San Bernardino, and the cities of Highland, Loma Linda and Redlands. It is considered to be a relatively safe district for Republicans.
Though he has not officially declared his candidacy, Chabot sought to deflate the chances of others who might vie to replace Morrell. In an email sent to his supporters on December 15, Chabot mentioned without being specific a Republican rival to succeed Morrell who he said is claiming to have endorsements of GOP higher-ups. Chabot said that is not true.
“[T]here is misinformation being spread regarding the Assembly race I intend to formally enter after the New Year,” Chabot said. “First, the state party and state party chairman have not endorsed nor are they supporting my soon-to-be opponent in the race. This piece of misinformation has been told to a number of officials in our region. The chairman, by rules, cannot support, and neither can the party. There are two local Republicans in this race so far, and could be others.”
Chabot did not name who those local Republicans are. He said he had personally “just returned from a trip to Sacramento and “leadership” [i.e. Republican Party leadership] has made absolutely no decision on ‘support’in this race –It’s too early.”
Referring to his campaign, Chabot said, “We are not making an official announcement until after the New Year – and even then it’s too early. Morrell still holds the seat and has yet to resign from it.”
“I will go to Sacramento as your future elected Assemblyman and lead with courage, honor, integrity, faith, passion, leadership and dedication,” he declared on one of the website’s pages.

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