Upland City Council Appoints Ten To Budget Examination Committee

(November 8) Appointments have been made to the subcommittee recently created by the Upland City Council to provide it with guidance on budget cutting priorities to be utilized by city manager Steven Dunn in formulating the City of Gracious Living’s 2014-15 budget.
Dunn said he needs to either generate $3.5 million more per year in revenue or cut the same amount from each of  its projected annual expenditures over the next five years.
Dunn indicated the only realistic revenue boost on the horizon was a citywide tax, which the council did not appear to be enthusiastic about. When Dunn asked for direction with regard to several budget cutting proposals, council members Brendan Brandt and Glenn Bozar said they were reluctant to make recommendations without more information. The council then voted to create a subcommittee to look into cost reduction options and make recommendations
This week, the membership of the subcommittee was finalized. Each council member was given two appointments. Mayor Ray Musser’s choices were Jason Gouty and Tom Mitchell. Brandt appointed Anthony Goshen  and Stephen Larson. Councilman Gino Filippi designated Eric Hanson and Randall Lewis. Councilwoman Debby Stone appointed Richard Anderson and Martin Thouvenell. Bozar selected Steven Spears and Bob Nelson.

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