County Lists Measure I Expenditure Schedules

(October 24)  The county public works department has identified its Measure I expenditure strategy for the next five years. Measure I is the one-half of one percent sales tax local street program capital improvement plan that has been in place since Measure I was initially approved by county voters in 1989.
A 30-year extension to Measure I was passed by county voters on November 2, 2004. The extension began funding projects on April 1, 2010.
According to county director of public works Gerry Newcombe, “The expenditure plans of Measure I Ordinance 89-1 and Ordinance 04-01 require each local jurisdiction receiving local street projects program revenue from sales tax to expend those funds pursuant to a five-year capital improvement plan adopted by resolution of the local jurisdiction and updated annually.  Revenues from the sales tax must be used for transportation improvement and traffic management programs, which may include, but is not limited to, administration, construction, maintenance, improvements and operations of local streets, roads, and highways, state highways, and freeways and other related purposes. These purposes include expenditures for planning, environmental reviews, engineering, right-of-way and design. The total estimated cost of the transportation projects listed in the proposed five-year plan is $54,872,705.”
Measure I projects completed or projects for which a share of Measure I funding has been provided for 2012-13 are Amboy Road and Morongo Road surface treatments in and near Twentynine Palms; the rehabilitation of Live Oak Drive in Running Springs; various road surface treatments in Trona; various road surface treatments in Barstow; and routine  maintenance and snow removal countywide.
New projects for 2013-14 include the Helendale Road rehabilitation in Silver Lakes; the Vista Road rehabilitation in Silver Lakes; the Shadow Mountain Road scrub/overlay in Helendale; the Seventh Street rehabilitation in Bloomington; the San Bernardino Avenue rehabilitation in Fontana; and various scrub/slurry/overlay efforts in Spring Valley Lake.
Under the Measure I Valley Major Street and Freeway Interchange Program five-year capital project needs analysis list covering 2014/15 through 2018/19, which is separate from the local street program,  the county has set aside Measure I money in the amounts of $2,013,024 for the I-10 @ Pepper Avenue Interchange and Pepper at Valley realignment;  $1,608,048 for the widening of Slover Avenue from Alder Avenue to Linden Avenue from two to four lanes along with the widening of  Slover Avenue, from Tamarind to Cactus;  $1,184,073 for the widening of Slover Avenue from Tamarind Avenue to Alder Avenue and from Linden Ave to Cedar Avenue from two to four  lanes; $1,184,073 for phase one of the widening of the north side of San Bernardino Avenue from Cherry Avenue to the Fontana city limit from one to two lanes; $1, 593,760 for the widening of the Cherry Avenue Bridge from Merrill Avenue to Whittram Avenue; and  $139,861 for the widening of a portion of Reche Canyon Road from Westwood Drive to Placid Lane, 1.2 miles south  of Barton Road and north .78 mile from two to four lanes.

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