California Style: Grunge It Up

(October 17) So many things are happening in fashion this fall. There’s a cutting edge in the fashion world, and coming back in style  is grunge. This weekend I was in the city of Los Angeles and there’s always a vanguard of Angelenos setting the next trend. This time it wasn’t elegant that rocked but grunge. The revival of grunge is under way and with it comes the cuffed jeans, tights, and plaid shirts. It is a very rocky look, adding big black felt hats, baby doll dresses in granny prints, and biker jackets which are great for the weather. The granny print dresses are adorable and straight from London, too. It’s all a bit shocking in the fashion world. Forget about high fashion, and dress in grunge!  The fashion world has  definitely revived grunge. Interestingly it’s become alive in Los Angeles, spilling over into San Bernardino County. This is a very interesting time in fashion. Here’s to the revival of grunge in California. Keep free falling, because grunge is back.

“I’m the mold that grunge was grown in.”  -Townes Van Zandt

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