An Orange Harvest

(October 10) Orange and October are the perfect combination for the harvest season. The harvest is the prelude to the holiday season. The color orange is making a wave this month and with a punch. I am fascinated by the people wearing bright orange in the middle of fall. It’s a very interesting color that is going to stick around until about the end of the month. Color is a great way to create art, so make sure you take orange to the limits this October. California is very special and different because we really do dress for the weather and we always want things to look different every season. With that said, orange is here and it’s perfect for October. Fashion has reversed gears and the day of realism is here in the most imaginative and colorful way possible. It’s great to dress the body with many interesting things and the beginning of fall is a great time to recreate your style. It’s all about contagious enthusiasms when it comes to dressing in October. Have fun and be creative.

“The tones of gray, pale turquoise, and pink, will prevail.”    -Christian Dior

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