State Drops Consideration Of CIM As Low-Level Facility Expansion Site

(July 19) The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation has dropped tentative plans to expand the California Institution for Men in Chino’s capacity by nearly 800 inmates.
The Chino Institution for Men (CIM) had been one of seven state prisons under  review by the state for the proposed construction of up to three, 792-bed Level II Correctional Housing Facilities and related support buildings.
A notification from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation stated that CIM was eliminated as a potential low-level facility expansion site because there is insufficient time to complete engineering studies pertaining to water at the site.
Data with regard to water availability and wastewater treatment capability is lacking, according to state officials. The prison is proximate to the Chino Agricultural Preserve, where sodium and nitrate concentrations in the soil have proven to be an ongoing environmental issue.
The state is looking to expand its prisoner holding capability, and in particular wanted to build as many as three new Level II facilities, intended as repositories of  lower-level offenders, such as those  who have committed white collar or financial crimes or were involved in drugs or property offenses.
In addition to CIM, other state prisons at Sacramento, Folsom, Solano, Vacaville, Ione and San Diego were under consideration for the Level II augmentation.
The city of Chino was not supportive of the concept of expanding CIM and the announcement by the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation was hailed as good news.
“Although CIM has been a part of our growing community for many years, the council and I cannot support the placement of new facilities that would house additional prisoners at CIM until the population and on-going and deferred maintenance issues have been properly addressed,” said Chino Mayor Dennis Yates. “We are pleased to have received this news and thankful for our many community partners, who supported our position on this project.”

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