Ontario-Montclair Teachers Reject Conditional Two Percent Salary Increase

(June 21) ONTARIO—Teachers with the Ontario-Montclair School District have rejected the district’s offer of a two-percent salary increase, asserting the condition that they work an increased workday amounted to a four percent increase in their workload.
In May, when the Ontario-Montclair Teachers Association was presented with a contract that called for teachers to work a 15-minute-longer workday in return for a two percent raise, the union’s members opposed it.  It was pointed out that the 15 minute extension would represent a four percent increase in each teacher’s time on the job.
At present, teachers with the district are paid from $38,240 to $82,034 annually, depending on educational levels, certification and seniority.
With 1,177 teachers, Ontario-Montclair is one of the largest districts in San Bernardino County.
The district’s current contract with its teachers, which was approved more than eight months ago, will remain in place.

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