Mountclair Police/Fire Chief Jones Retires After 32 Years With The City

( May 31) Montclair’s police chief, Keith Jones, is retiring today.
Jones, 58, is leaving as the city’s top cop after 32 years with the municipality.
He worked his way up through the ranks, having served in every sworn departmental assignment.
Jones was named acting police chief in early 2009 after the retirement of his predecessor, Chester Thompson. He was elevated to full chief in October 2009.
In September 2012, Jones was promoted once more, to the position of director of public safety, from which he also oversaw the fire department after  fire chief Troy Ament was given a two-week severance notice and eased from that position, a cost-cutting move engineered by city manager Edward Starr that saved the city nearly half a million dollars a year in wages and benefits.

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