Hutch Hired As Coroner’s Forensic Pathologist

(August 9) The county has hired Dr. Brian Hutch to serve as one of its forensic pathologists in the coroner’s department.
The coroner’s office, which since 2004 has been a division of the sheriff’s department, investigates deaths within the county to determine the manner and means of death. In certain instances, forensic pathologists conduct autopsies to provide expert diagnosis as to the cause of death. Historically the department has had four full-time and two part-time employment contracts for forensic pathologists. In recent months, the department  had one full-time forensic pathologist vacancy.
The department requested the board of supervisors approve an employment contract with Dr. Hutchins to fill its vacancy. The contract approved provides compensation at a rate of $72.12 per hour with subsequent 2.5% step advancements up to a maximum hourly rate of $101.90 per hour. The
benefits are consistent with those provided to the department’s existing full-time contract forensic pathologists, which have recently been updated to ensure consistency across all county departments.
Provisions include the contractor paying a portion of retirement benefits and receiving the non-pensionable medical plan subsidy benefit. The contract is for a period of one year at a total cost of
$193,700, which includes a salary of $150,010 and benefits of $43,690. The contract automatically renews for successive one-year periods, but may be terminated by either party upon 14 days advance written notice.

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