Highland City Officials Raze Baseline Road Homeless Encampment

(August 16) The homeless encampment on city owned property off Baseline Avenue west of Sterling Avenue was razed by Highland officials on August 8.
The city prevailed upon the squatters to take their leave by means of notices beginning in late July and a posting calling for evacuation within 24 hours on August 6. When city building officials arrived at the site on August 8 accompanied by sheriff’s deputies, none of the more than two dozen denizens of the lot and nearby properties were present. Some of their possessions, including clothing, sleeping bags and shelters fashioned from fabric and cardboard, were demolished when a bulldozer cleared the site.
No arrangements were made to relocate the displaced population.
The city has fenced the lot it owns and is encouraging the owners of the adjoining properties to do the same to discourage the return of the squatters to the abandoned properties.

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