County Raises Water Rates In 3 Desert Areas

SAN BERNARDINO — Water rates will increase in the county areas of Morongo Valley, Landers and Pioneertown next month.
The board of supervisors ratified San Bernardino County Director of Special Districts Jeff Rigney’s call for those residents served by the county to shoulder the increased cost of providing water. Morongo Valley, Landers and Pioneertown lie within County Special Districts jurisdiction. Under law, a protest vote was held preparatory to the board’s vote. An insufficient number of residents objected to the increases, allowing the county to up the fees, which Rigney said will cover the cost of providing the service to the communities.
The increases will go into effect on July 18.
The hikes will be graduated over the next four years, amounting to a 50 percent increase.
The Morongo Basin boasts four county water districts. The monthly fees those districts charge vary from to $29.36 to $58.78 on a 3/4-inch meter. The county will initially impose a 19 percent increase on water customers in Landers and Pioneertown. Prolific water consumers in Morongo Valley will be hit with a 51 percent increase once they use water beyond a threshold amount.

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