16 Of County’s 24 Municipalities Anticipate Balanced 2013-14 Budgets

(July 5) Most of San Bernardino County’s 24 cities have set their spending plans for the governmental fiscal year that began on Monday. Two thirds of the budgets are balanced.
The fiscal year runs from July 1 through June 30. Traditionally, prior to the end of June, cities pass a budget which outlines revenues to be derived and expenditures to be made over the upcoming twelve months. This year, every city inthe county except Upland had met that goal. The Upland City Council will consider its city’s budget next week.
Adelanto, which has projected it will run a $2.6 million deficit in its 2013-14 general fund, has declared a fiscal emergency, clearing the way for a citywide vote with regard to creating a taxing mechanism. In the meantime, the city council passed a budget spending more than it has available in income but provisionally balanced upon the use of reserves.  The budget projects revenue and transfers  of $17,488,513 and expenditures of $17,487,446.
In Apple Valley the town will have general fund revenues of $24,783,892 and general fund expenditures of $24,608,985. It will have special fund revenue of $12,914,879 while making expenditures from its special funds of $14,830,736. The town will expend $1,627,150 toward debt service. It will put $20,307,000 into its capital improvement fund account while spending $25,158,700 on capital improvements. It will take in $16,405,154 in revenue for its enterprise accounts while spending $17,689,786 on such enterprises. The successor to the town’s redevelopment agency will bring in $3,986,395 at the same time it must make $17,986,395 in payments to the creditors of its old redevelopment agency. Thus, Apple Valley will have total revenues in 2013-14 of $80,024,470 and total expenditures of $101,901,752.
In Fiscal Year 2013-14, Barstow anticipates $11,602,533 in revenue into its general fund and $11,602,010 in expenditures out of its general fund. Through all funds, Barstow anticipates $26,654,722 in revenue and $25,181,643 in expenditures
In Chino the projected revenue into the general fund is $47,001,011 and the city has   proposed appropriations of $45,487,145.
In Chino Hills, the city anticipates total expenditures for 2013-14 of  $159.7 million through all of its funds, including general fund expenditures, operating and capital, of $37.8 million, and restricted fund expenditures of $121.9 million. The city’s estimated revenues for 2013/14 are $138 million. General fund revenues, which fund law enforcement, recreation and general services, amount to $34.1 million. The remaining $103.9 million of the city’s revenue comes from restricted sources, including special revenue funds, proprietary operations, internal service funds, and agency funds.
The Colton City Council has approved a $120.8 million budget for fiscal year 2013-14, including general fund expenditures $29.8 million, enterprise funds of $81.7 million and special funds of $3.07 million. Other funds total $6.2 million.
Fontana has budgeted $77 million in spending out of its general fund in 2013-14.
Grand Terrace, which has also declared a fiscal emergency and will ask its citizens to approve a utility tax in November, has passed a budget anticipating $3.3 million in revenue and $3.98 million in expenditures.
In Hesperia, city officials have scheduled general fund expenditures of $23,827,402 with total resources (revenue, budgeted reserves, and transfers) of $23,983,765. The city further anticipates $22,729,914 in spending from funds beside the general fund, including $4,301,813 from the county transportation agency to be used on road repair and creation, $1.5 million in community development block grants, $554,020 in community development block grant loans, $3.28 million from the city’s street fund, and using $1.345 million for water rights acquisition.
In Highland, the city council has approved a budget that projects $13,509,355 in general fund revenue and $13,672,355 in general fund expenditures. The total projected revenue into all city of Highland funds is $49,736,780 and total expenditures from all city funds, which beyond the general fund consists almost exclusively of capital project spending, are projected at $75,952,590.
In Loma Linda, city officials have projected the city will receive $13,549,100 in revenue into the general fund and make expenditures of $13,503,500 from the general fund. Overall, Loma Linda will have revenue of $31,266,600 into all of its municipal funds and expenditures of $33,477,500 out of all of those funds.
Ontario’s proposed operating budget for 2013-12 is $423,826,981, including $168,997,116 in its general fund, and $254,829,865 in its special revenue, capital projects, enterprise, fiduciary services and internal services funds. In addition, the city is providing $19,375,799 for the Ontario Housing Authority and $19,306,474 for the redevelopment successor agency for a total overall operating budget of $462,509,254.
Needles will spend $5,470.218 out of its general fund while bringing $5,512,030 in revenue to its general fund. Needles will spend a total of $25,588,161 from all of its funds, including $12,355,318 by the Needles Public Utility Authority.
Rancho Cucamonga boasts a $65,240,470 general fund budget, and a $28,449,220 budget for its fire department, which is accounted for on a separate ledger. The city also is scheduling $4,138,190 of spending through its library fund, which is kept separate from its general fund. The city has another  $72,075,310 of spending slated through its special funds not included in its general fund.
Redlands, which anticipates revenue into its general fund of $51,315,371, will have general fund expenditures of $49,837,690.
Rialto projects taking in revenue of $58,798,000 and making $61,439,000 in expenditures for a $2,641,000 deficit.
The city of San Bernardino, which declared bankruptcy last August, has projected it will make $117.2 million in expenditures in 2013-14, while projecting revenues of $114.7 million.
Twentynine Palms will have general fund revenues of $8,052,000 and expenditures of $7,871,410.
The city of Upland has yet to officially confirm its budget. Upland City Manager Stephen Dunn told the Sentinel he anticipates the city will receive roughly $40 million in revenue in the twelve months between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014 and can meet the goal he has imposed on the city’s department heads of holding overall operating expenditures to $38.5 million to stow away $1.5 million into a reserve account.
The City of Victorville’s annual budget for fiscal year 2013-14 is proposed at $126,360,698. Total revenue for the city’s general fund portion of the total budget is estimated at $48,822,218. Total expenditures out of the general fund are projected to be $48,762,397.
Yucaipa has projected $16,134,565 in revenue into its general fund and is anticipating general fund expenditures of $16,123,853.
The town of Yucca Valley has approved a $9.1 million budget for 2013-14.

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