County Renews Lease For Library Space At Grand Terrace Civic Center

The county of San Bernardino has renewed its lease with the city of Grand Terrace for the county branch library it maintains in that city.
The San Bernardino County Branch Library for Grand Terrace for more than 20 years has been  located within the Grand Terrace Civic Center adjacent to City Hall.
This week the county board of supervisors extended the current lease term on the 3,500 square feet of space the library occupies  from June 1, 2013 through May 31, 2015 in the amount of $39,060 and added two three-year options to the arrangement.
According to David H. Slaughter, the county’s director of real estate services, “Approval of this item will amend an existing lease for library to extend the term two years through May 31, 2015 for office and library space in Grand Terrace because of the continuing need to provide library services at this location. The total cost in 2012-13 is $18,935 ($1,575 per month x eleven months plus $1,610 per month x one month). Annual lease costs are as follows: June 1, 2013 thru May 31, 2014, $19,320 along with an estimated $11,747 for other costs associated with this lease [and] June 1, 2014 thru May 31, 2015,  $19,740 with an estimated $12,099 for other costs associated with this lease. Other costs associated with this lease include custodial services, which will be paid from the library budget.”
“Slaughter continued, “The old cost per square foot per month was $0.45, monthly rent was $1,575 and annual rent was $18,900. The new cost per square foot per month is $0.46, the new monthly rent is $1,610 and the annual rent is $19,320. The per square foot per month cost of $0.46 is at the low-range for existing facilities in the Grand Terrace area.”
Slaughter added, “This represents a 2 percent annual increase. There are no improvement costs. Custodial service is to be provided by the county. Maintenance and utilities are to be provided by the city. The certificate of liability insurance, as required by the lease, is on file with the Real Estate Services Department. Either party has the right to terminate with 180-days notice. Parking is sufficient for county needs.”

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