Wu Puts Chino Hills Chinese Maternity Hotel On The Market For $3.3 Million

CHINO HILLS — The hilltop estate which became the focus of protest when it was publicly revealed to be serving as a birthing hotel intended to provide the offspring of Chinese women with American citizenship has been listed as available for sale.
The 7,964-square foot home at 15250 Woodglen Drive, originally built in 1974 had been altered by owner Hai Yong Wu to feature 17 separate bedrooms and adjoining bathrooms, into which Chinese woman would be installed during the final stages of their pregnancies. American citizenship is automatically conferred upon anyone born in the United States.
Citizen complaints led to a court-ordered inspection in November, at which point it was learned that as many as 15 women were living in the home at any given time. A  public nuisance complaint was filed on December 7 against Wu and his business associate Yi Wang,  based upon a bevy of city code violations. Wu, through his  attorney, entered into an agreement in February to bring the home into code compliance within  210 days. Assurances were provided that the home was no longer being used as a maternity hotel, although there were concerns that activity might resume once the code violations were redressed.
It now appears that Wu is intent on folding up operations at 15250 Woodglen Drive entirely. In March, Rowland Heights-based IRN Reality listed the property as being on the block for $3.3 million. There is a discrepancy between the listing and the description for the property. While the listing shows the 7,924-square foot  property as having  seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms, the description says “the size of property is around 15,000-square feet – over 10 bedrooms with six detached garages.”
The online real estate database Zillow, however, provides a value estimate of the property of  $1,147,024.
The difference in the appraisal and the asking price may be explicated by the consideration that the property sits on a 256,133-square foot lot, i.e., over 5.8 acres.

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