Supervisors’ Approval Of Raves At Amphitheater Triggers Objection

(March 15) The San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors has authorized Live Nation Entertainment to hold four rave events per year at the San Manuel Amphitheater beginning in April.
In granting the permission, the board amended the 25-year contract with the theater to allow it to stay open until 2 a.m. Live Nation will pay the county $1,500 per event, for a total of four raves per 12 months.
Valerie Henry, the president of the Devore Rural Protection Association, was highly critical of the county’s action, saying there had been inadequate noticing of the hearing at which the board made its vote as part of the consent calendar, which is reserved for what are considered to be noncontroversial issues.
“I never got notification of this issue being considered,’ she said. “This is a huge impact for Devore and the surrounding areas. Apparently the only concern was the infusion of cash into county coffers. I find it very difficult to understand the county being willing to subject the residents to such impacts for a mere $6,000.”
Henry said the county clearly realized raves created problems in the community, saying raves held at the Orange Show in San Bernardino last year generated complaints from residents in San Bernardino, Loma Linda and Grand Terrace. “Is that why the venue was relocated to Devore?” she asked, stating that the Devore residents were being “throw[n] to the wolves. Does the county have the resources to protect these same residents from the drug use, drug sales and the crime that will inundate the area? I am totally opposed to these type events.”

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