Open Letter To The Residents Of Chino Hills

From Bob Goodwin, President  Hope For The Hills

1.    As of today, we have not won.  The California Public Utility Commission’s final decision regarding the future of the towers through Chino HIlls and our lives will occur in mid-July 2013.
2.    We have no guarantee the California Public Utility Commission will order undergrounding although we are working every day to achieve that goal.

3.    “If” the commission orders undergrounding, the residents of Chino Hills will not have any additional surcharges attached to their utility bill to pay for this project.  California Public Utilities Commission  President Michael Peevey represented, “the cost of the Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project  will be shared by residents statewide as this is a project that benefits the entire  state.”

4.    Hypothetically, $500 million divided by the estimated 20 million ratepayers in California equals $25 per ratepayer (total).  If amortized over 5 years, it will equal $5/year or 42 cents/month (per ratepayer). The cost would be minimal to remedy Southern California Edison’s blatant disregard for our health & property.  Keep in mind, it’s not the cost but rather the precedent Edison wants to avoid.

5.    Benefits of undergrounding high voltage power lines are:

a.    Elimination of  the electrical field through shielding and significant reduction of  the magnetic field through phase cancellation.
b.    Reduction of  the negative health impacts of overhead line electromagnetic fields  to almost zero.
c.    Elimination of  the negative health impacts of the overhead line corona effect.
d.    Greater efficiency and lower transmission loss costs.
e.    Comparable capital costs to the erection of  overhead lines.
f.    Non-interference with the visual  aesthetics of any community and accompanying  property values.

6.    The CPUC ruling on Tuesday, January 29, 2013, was very encouraging but it was not a final decision. It gave Southern California Edison the approval to move forward and begin testing cable, submit requests for engineering and construction quotes, begin preparing permits and environmental documents and to submit real estate needs and plans. This eliminates Southern California Edison’s time constraint concerns “if” the California Public Utility Commission’s final decision is to underground.

7.    It’s evident the commission is ensuring its final decision will withstand legal, regulatory and environmental review.  In other words, we will live with whatever happens in July 2013.  With that in mind, we must  continue to apply the pressure and work together to ensure an undergrounding decision is implemented.

8.    While the recent information regarding The Oak Tree Downs section of the project is not positive, we want to emphasize this information has been known to all concerned since early 2012. Hope For The Hills learned, at that time, that Southern California Edison had always maintained undergrounding would not be feasible in that area.   We continue to support and options are being researched.

9.    We welcome new members and would appreciate any involvement you can donate towards this epic battle.  Thanks!

Remember, We can and will make a difference!

Bob Goodwin

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