Rialto Lowers Bloomington Residents’ Wastewater Treatment Rates

Bloomington residents who receive sewer service from the city of Rialto will no longer pay three times the standard rate, beginning the first billing cycle of 2013.
During a Dec. 11, 2012 public hearing, the Rialto City Council approved recommendations from the Rialto Utilities Commission which included reducing the 300 percent extra-territorial sewer fee to 130 percent of the standard rate.
In the months leading to the decision, San Bernardino County conferred with the city of Rialto to resolve the issue that affects over 100 Bloomington residences.
“I want to thank the city of Rialto for its leadership and cooperation with the county of San Bernardino in considering a fair approach to managing sewer rates for unincorporated residents,” wrote 5th District Supervisor Josie Gonzales in a letter to Bloomington residents.
Eric Scott, member of Bloomington’s Municipal Advisory Committee, is one resident who will see an average sewer bill savings of $55.18 per month in 2013.
“[Bloomington residents] I’ve spoken with are quite relieved. The original proposed rate increase was substantial, and would have severely impacted Bloomington families. This demonstrates the importance of clear and consistent communication between Bloomington and her neighbors, including Rialto,” said Scott.
Following the council’s decision, Rialto Mayor Deborah Robertson said, “The city council recognized this was an important issue for residents in the Bloomington area who had previously paid three times the standard sewer rates for their service.”
Recommendations were also approved to apply all previous “standby” charges paid by property owners located within the city of Rialto as a credit to currently owed sewer connection fees.

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