County Disbands All Of Its Flood Committees

The county this week moved to disband all six of its flood control district advisory committees.
For administrative and planning purposes, the county has divided its flood control district, the boundaries for which are coterminous with those of the county as a whole, into six flood control zones. For each zone, it had a flood control advisory committee.
According to the clerk of the board of supervisors, Laura Welch, a decision was made to terminate the committees upon the sunsetting of the authority by which they were created.
“Unless otherwise specified, the county’s boards, commissions and committees have a specific life of four years and board of supervisors’ approval is required to extend the life of these committees,” Welch said. “The clerk of the board coordinates the periodic review of boards, commissions and committees and, for 2012, sent inquiries to specified liaison agencies asking for their recommendations that the specified boards, commissions and committees be continued or discontinued. Liaison agencies are typically county departments providing administrative support and coordinating activities of the boards, commissions and committees.  We received responses from all liaison agencies and their recommendations form the basis of this request for board of supervisors’ action.”
Welch said the recommendation was to sunset all six of the flood control advisory committees.
“District staff will continue to hold semi-annual city coordination meetings for each zone with city engineers and their staff,” Welch said. “One of these meetings will be an annual budget presentation for each zone to the city staff.”
The 2013 meetings have been calendared for May 9 and September 25 for Zone 1; May 8 and September 25 for Zone 2; May 8 and September 25 for Zone 3; May 16 and September 23 for Zone 4 and May 23 and September 26 for Zone 6. Welch did not provide meeting dates for Zone 5.

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